Private ------ Very Rare Longines With Alarm Function, ca 1920.

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Extremely Rare Longines function Alarm, ca 1920 !. This is an original piece from a private collection, at the request of the owner only the machine was revised by our watchmakers, the case wasn´t clean.Despite not having any recording on the case with military reference, many of this watches were used during the First World War, by the British Army.The watches were sold by the house Bitch & Gaydon Ltd, along with the Zenith alarm, almost the same piece, not as rare as the Longines.These watches were widely used during the night, they allowed the military responsible for the firing orders of artillery, to give the order on the exact time , because of the alarm function and confirm the time with the fluorescent numbers.The alarm noise in the silence of the night, could alert the counter attack forces. To avoid this, these watches have a bass and vibrating sound.The pocket watch measures 5.2 cm in diameter, being made of steel.

The robust
steel case is in excellent condition.

High quality movement, characteristic of regulateurs, working very well, totally clean and revised by our watchmakers, one-year warranty.

Black enamel dial, without any hairline, keeping almost intact the fluorescent paint.

Rare pocket watch, completely original, with the same serial number on the case and mouvement, as is the rule in this brand. In 1917 Longines produced the 3.700.000.The watch number is the 3973008, placing it at the end of the war, perhaps because of their excellent condition..

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