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An excellent piece of French watchmaking with a celebrated signature. It is a large piece, measuring 5.4 cm in diameter, and is in excellent condition.Jean-Antoine Lepine, according to Adolphe Chapiro, played a dominant role but little known in the development of French watchmaking. Here are just a few of these innovations: -A cordless chord device, using the neck of the watch.-A new caliber for watch machines, much thinner, surpassing the broad and robust movements typical of Coqs.All French watchmakers have begun to use this type of movement. (The watch presented today is an example of this type of movements.) .- The invention of the virgule escapment.The adjustment of the hands to be made behind and not The use of a protective cover, and the modernization of the general aspect of the watch, giving rise to the so-called Lepine type watch, the present form of pocket watches. the movement of the skeleton type, among many others.Lepine was born in 1720 in Chalex, near Geneva.In 1744 he comes to Paris, to the workshop of André-Charles Carron, watchmaker of the King. In 1756 married with the daughter of Carron.In 1762 he received the title of master watchmaker. Between 1772 and 1778 Lepine's atelier is located in the Dauphine square together with many other famous watchmakers. In 1792 Lepine associates with his son-in-law, Raguet and shortly thereafter he retired, he was 73 years old. As well as being King's watchmaker, the Lépine house, had other famous clients such as George Washington. Thomas Jefferson was commissioned to take his watch after a visit to France in 1789 . The pocket watch is currently on display at the Museum of Historical Society in Pennsylvania, USA. The Lepine House was sold in 1914.

gold 18k case is in excellent condition, with numbered and signed Lepine & Neveu Horlogers du Roi to Paris, dust cover..

Fantastic movement in excellent condition, with double hammer, hitting the hours and quarters.Working very well, totally cleaned and revised by our watchmaker,one-year warranty.

Metal dial Lepine, with the typical hour and minute hand, also his invention with end in the form of Moon. In excellent condition.

It comes with original case, which allows to suspend the watch outside the box and has a key storage place.Certainly delicious.Beautiful collection piece, in excellent condition..

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