Over 100 years of history ...

Founded in 1900, the store Bernardino Francisco Guimarães, is a landmark in the harware market in the city of Oporto. Its founders, Bernardino Francisco Guimarães and Maria Amália da Fonseca Guimarães, invested all their time and knowledge in the new business and, “in a short time, the firm achieved such prestige in Oporto that this establishment was the most frequented in the city for all of the North were interested in the trade of hardware, cutlery and tools...” (magazine "Brazil Canada", 1958). A few years after is opening it was already well known all over Portugal.

Over the years, the store grew both in fame and customers. In 1952 the founders left their business to Heitor Fonseca Vale, their nephew,, who had always worked with them. Being active and enterprising, Heitor Vale dedicated his whole life to the establishment, leading the firm to even greater success by making sure to always have top quality materials and provide an excellent service to its vast clientele.  In order to do so he expanded the network of suppliers, importing raw materials and finished products all across Europe. It was said that there wasn´t a day when Bernardino Francisco Guimarães did not receive a load of new material from Germany, France, Spain, Italy or Áustria...
At the time, as today, no customer left the store without a solution to their problem...

Hard times were approaching. The years following the 25th of April 1974 made imports very hard, and that, coupled with the changes in the furniture market – where all modern furniture was sold with all the appliances needed – lead to a decline in sales.
The changes in the market called for a change in strategy: our store began to focus solely on the quality and exclusivity of its products. For this reason, we are still able to offer hardware craft of different styles, ideal for old furniture, restoration and replicas as well as the famous article of iron in rustic style, the lanterns, the fireplace tools, handles, and a whole range of products much sought for the restoration of old houses and farms.
This long history has witnessed Works for the Cathedral of Porto, the restoration of many old farms and houses of Sun, from the north to the south of Portugal.

Keeping, since its foundation, the number 404 of the Street Bonjardim in Porto, where it is still located today, the BFG is proud to be a store specialized in traditional commerce exclusive hardware, and manufacturing by manual measurement.
Heitor Vale left his business to two of his daughters, Marina and Romi Vale, who give continuity to the business and channel their efforts to maintain tradition, without forgetting the need for modernization.

In the name of modernization, they want open to everyone - architects, antique dealers, restorers, owners of old houses or foreign buyers - the doors of your store www.bfg.pt where they can find a unique range of products.