Welcome at Jorelle, specialist in the wooden plays and the wooden toys since 1864


You can consult the whole of our achievements as well as the history on www.jorelle-france.com

List wooden plays and toys of Jorelle :
- Frog Game
- Rocking Horse
- Croquet Game
- Skittles, Cup-and-balls, Ring-Skittles, Set of 8 Balls, Giant Suspense
- Moneyboxes Coconut (Clown, Pig, Dodo, Frog, Rabbit, Poisson, Mouse, Cat, Princess, Tortoise, Cow, Panda)
- Dutch billiards, Japanese Billiards, Billiards with discs
- Bench of the small carpenter, Desk, Trapenum, Wheelbarrow, Carriage, Stilts
- Toybox, Tip truck

All our plays are delivered complete and accompanied by a rule of play

The expenses of packing and delivery are included in the announced prices