Epoxy Wood Modelling Paste Adhesive

Developed for restoration Epoxy Wood is unfilled non-pigmented 100% PURE epoxy resin, being a more versatile alternative for the Araldite 427. System with 2 different colours 1:1 (parts by volume or parts by weight) is specially developed for facile manual application. Easily obtains desired consistency and a necessary color with the addition of cellulose fibers and powdered pigments. Pure and unfilled Epoxy Wood has perfect consistency to fill small and deep cracks; for outdoor application, temperature fluctuating environments for modeling and tooling we suggest adding cellulose fibers from 5% to 40% by weight (consistency of Araldite 427 is + 40% cellulose fibers). With low density 0,68g/ml and hardness 60-65 Shore Epoxy Wood combines stability of the epoxy resin and processability of wood. High adhesion with most structural supports, indicated  for model construction, restoration and repair of small and large critical areas, edges of wood, resin and stone models. When using: We recommend add the correct amount pbw (parts by weight) of Part 1 to the same amount pbw (parts by weight) of Part 2 and mix for 2-5min; if necessary, add mineral or celullose fillers. TECHNICAL SPECS
For smaller quantities see alternative Liberon High Performance Epoxy Wood Filler.

Working time@22ºC: 50 min
 Cure time@22ºC: 12 hours

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Epoxy Wood 500+500GR KIT 1Kg 67.90 € *
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Epoxy Wood 5+5KG KIT 10Kg 529.00 € *

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