Artcare™ Acid-Free Board for Art Exhibition and Museums

AllArtcare™ conservation boards are manufactured to meet and exceed all estabilished conservation standarts.
- The MicroChamber® technology featured in Artcare™ products incorporates zeolites, a class of materials known for their ability to adsorb pollutant  protecting art artefacts and documents from external contaminations and internal vices.
- Artcare™ effectiveness tested by the company labs and by independent laboratories such as the Image Permanence Institute, Preservation Research and Testing Division of Library of Congress and  Getty Research Institute.
- Artecare chosen by the finest museums, worldwide.

Selection: Artcare™ Acid-Free Board for Art Exhibition and Museums

Product no. Size/Ref. Price
Museum-PH7-1500 1,5mm Photorag 81x101cm Pure White 22.50 € *
Museum-350 0,35mm Alpharag 81x101cm White 9.55 € *
Museum-700 0,7mm Alpahrag 81x101cm White 15.50 € *
Museum-1500 1,5mm Alpharag 81x101cm White 22.50 € *
Museum-1500-JUMBO 1,5mm Alpharag 101x152cm White 44.90 € *
Museum-3200 3,2mm Alpharag 81x101cm White 69.00 € *
Museum-3200-JUMBO 3,2mm Alpharag 101x152cm White 119.00 € *
Museum-1500-E 1,5mm Alpharag 81x101cm Ebony 23.50 € *
Museum-3200-E 3,2mm Alpharag 81x101cm Ebony 45.90 € *
Conservation-350 0,35mm Alphamount 81x101cm White 5.25 € *
Conservation-700 0,7mm Alphamount 81x101cm White 9.95 € *
Conservation-1500 1,5mm Alphamount 81x101cm White 15.25 € *
Conservation-JUMBO 1,5mm Alphamount 101x152cm White 29.95 € *
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