Primal SF-016 (Primal AC-33) Acrylic Emulsion

Rohm&Haas has descontinued Primal AC 33 since 2002. As the successor manufacturer recommends Primal SF-016 that has greatly improved UV resistance and its flexibility
Primal SF-016 is a pure acrylic dispersion , which has excellent weather resistance and excellent resistance to chalking and pigment -binding capacity. Primal SF-016 contains no solvents , formaldehyde and ammonia free, odorless and environmentally friendly.
Low viscosity and high solids content SF-016ER is exellent mortar and polychrome consolidant  pure or thinned with water / alcohol, also used as exceptional pigment  binder or medium

Minimum film temperature : 1 ° C
Solid content : 50 - 51%
pH: 8-9
Viscosity < 500 mPas

Selection: Primal SF-016 (Primal AC-33) Acrylic Emulsion

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