Melinex Archival Polyester Film Acid-Free pH7.0

Clear archival polyester film is acid-free pH neutral and inert material used for encapsulating photos, letters, documents, maps and prints. It may also be used for mat windows, interleaving; to make custom sleeves, enclosures and clear pockets with double sided tapes or sealing machines

Available in rolls with a width of 1300cm, minimum quantity - linear meter

Fragile and wide material, to send via courier we suggest a minimum quantity of at least 10 meters

Selection: Melinex Archival Polyester Film Acid-Free pH7.0

Product no. Reference Price
Melinex 50µm 1Mt Roll 50µ 1300mm x Linear Meter 4.95 € / m *
Melinex 75µm 1Mt Roll 75µ 1300mm x Linear Meter 5.90 € / m *
Melinex 100µm 1Mt Roll 100µ 1300mm x Linear Meter 6.50 € / m *

VAT included, shipping info

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