Gyokucho Mini Serrote Japonês com Lâmina Retrátil

Gyokucho Mini Serrote Japonês com Lâmina Retrátil

Founded in 1969 by Mr. Masaaki Tomasada Razorsaw Manufacturing Co. the first company that started making traditional japanese saws with a NEW concept of easily changeable blade. Since in 1977 Gyokucho( jap. "玉鳥" /ˈgɪjɔkutʃəʊ/, eng. "Ball Bird") has logo inspired from the first name of founder of company and the kingfisher bird as symbol of pefrect accuracy. Today Gyokucho Razorsaw offer widest selection of TOP RANGE traditional japanese woodworking saws with unique easily dismountable and transportable design, premium finish, patented sophisticated impulse hardening technique, nickel plated Non-Stick and Anti-Rust surface. Razor-sharp well balanced blade manufactured with latest japanese technologies and exigent perfection of Miki-City masters since 15th century.

Gyokucho Cutter Saw takes its name from the legend of Issun-boshi “The One Inch Boy,” who stood only one inch tall but was not afraid to battle demons. This portable 100mm pocket saw fits easily into a pocket, features replaceable impulse hardened blades, and has a locking knob for precise length adjustment

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Código do produto Referência Preço
Gyokucho 1160 1160 CUTTER SAW 80MM 21,90 € *
Gyokucho S-1160 S-1160 CUTTER SAW BLADE 13,90 € *
Gyokucho 1161 1161 CUTTER SAW NAMAKI 21,90 € *
Gyokucho S-1161 S-1161 NAMAKI BLADE 13,90 € *
Gyokucho 1162 1162 CUTTER SAW RECYCLE 21,90 € *
Gyokucho S-1162 S-1162 RECYCLE BLADE 13,90 € *
Gyokucho 1163 1163 CUTTER SAW KANAKIRI 21,90 € *
Gyokucho S-1163 S-1163 KANAKIRI BLADE 13,90 € *

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