Regalrez 1126 Resina Hidrocarbónica

Regalrez 1126 Resina Hidrocarbónica

Regalrez 1126 is fully hydrogenated ultra-clear hydrocarbon resin with low molecular weight and highest softening point suggested for use where resistance to hight temperature and excellent UV stability is a requirement. Regalrez 1126 is soluble in aromatic solvents, it is more viscous and retains its solvent a little longer than Regalrez 1094; solution @16-25% by weight used as final varnish; low viscosity and high penetration solution obtained by dissolving in solvent @5-10% of resin by weight. High perfomance furniture varnishes can be formulated with pure Regalrez 1126 and addition of Kraton G 1650 EU polymer. Regalrez 1126 blended with waxes and added to oils: increases gloss, improves adhesiveness and film-forming behaviors of oils; increases UV and oxidation resistance as well as hardness and mechanical propeprties of waxes

Link 1 - Conservation of the Pyke Clock wooden case

Link 2 - Consolidating properties of Regalrez 1126 and Paraloid B72 applied to wood by Department of Earth Sciences, University of Calabria, Italy

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