W&N Artists Pincel de Pêlo de Marta Traço Contínuo

(Numero: 1/2")

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A short flat water colour brush for edges and shapes or applying washes.

The Professional Water Colour Sable brush range has been created using our unique brush-making expertise and feedback from professional water colour artists. The brushes are hand-made with high quality Kolinsky sable hair, Birchwood handles and seamless nickel ferrules.

The range includes the most popular and useful brush shapes for water colour painting and each brush has a unique sculpted handle with a matt finish for the ultimate in comfort.

Handles: Available with short handles
Head shapes: Round, Pointed Round, Rigger, One Stroke

Selecção: W&N Artists Pincel de Pêlo de Marta Traço Contínuo

Código do produto Numero Preço
W&N Artists One Stroke 1/8 INCH 1/8" 10,95 € *
W&N Artists One Stroke 1/4 INCH 1/4" 15,95 € *
W&N Artists One Stroke 3/8 INCH 3/8" 23,95 € *
W&N Artists One Stroke 1/2 INCH 1/2" 29,90 € *
W&N Artists One Stroke 3/4 INCH 3/4" 49,95 € *
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W&N Artists One Stroke 1 INCH 1" 73,95 € *

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