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WORLD PREMIERE Concertos for piccolo and symphonic orchestra !

Jean-Louis Beaumadier, piccolo / Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra / Direction : Vahan Mardirossian


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Towards Romanticism


3 concertos among the most famous of their time, testifying 3 strong identities - Prussian, Italian and French. All very different and seducing.



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Nicknamed "The Paganini of piccolo" by his teacher Jean-Pierre Rampal, Jean-Louis Beaumadier is now reknown as one of the best piccolo player in the world. Searching for a long time to promote his instrument as a solo instrument, he has developped the piccolo repertoire, asking composers for new works (his recording collection World Piccolo) as well as playing ancient works like in this new album.

In this quite rarely performed end 19th century repertoire, many pieces of genre and fantasies on famous opera themes, so seducing and delightful, asking for virtuosity, sincerity, humour and sense of colour, that Jean-Louis Beaumadier and his partners expresses naturally. These pieces also introduce the listeners in a musical atmosphere quite far from the usual cliché of european post romantic mood, showing the diversity of music tendencies at that time.


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The World Piccolo project is one of the most ambitious of this type. For the first time is presented a vast repertoire for the piccolo, until here considered only as an element of classical orchestras. The career of Jean-Louis Beaumadier, who initiated this project, has led to give a new role for piccolo. It appears now also as a solo instrument, adapted to reciatls as well as chamber music

This 3rd volume is composed with works using the light and luminous character of the piccolo. Written since mid-20th century, by composers from Europe and South America, they associate piccolo with piano, percussions and other flutes

Camarguo Guarnieri Etude pour piccolo Mike Mower Sonate Raymond Guiot Sweet project Jean-Michel Damase For piccolo Véronique Poltz Midnight with Pan Gordon Jacob Introduction et fugue Flint Juventino Beppe A piccolo poem William Bardwell Little Serenade Eugène Magalif Tarentella Malik Mezzadri Naomi

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A panorama of 20th century works from Central Europe, inspired by traditional music.

Jean-Louis Beaumadier, picc, Jordi Torrent, piano

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