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HOT DOG TRAILER STREET FOOD SPEEDY for BICYCLE or TRICYCLE, to cook food in the street. Ideal for Crepes or Hot Dog Walking like PUSH CART

This is the Cheaper Solution for doing Street Food in an environmentally friendly way, with respect of Ecology. Bicycles are the most ecological means of transportation that exists.

Seeing the experiences developed by our customers, we can safely say that the sale of Hot Dog is the most simple Street Food Solution, with high profitability. In addition There is also an Fast and high return on investment, if you buy this trailer. By choosing the good location, and working all day or evening, we calculated which is amortized over a period of between 15 - 30 Days worked.

This trailer can also be used for other types of sales, such as Juices (Orange or Pomegranate), Hawaiian Slushes, and other simple foods. .


This is a trailer for Bicycle with a Fridge  Powered with Gas Cartdridge or 220V.  and a cooker stove  that allows you to cook for a few hours.Also there s a Chaffing Dishes (that work with Alcool Gel) with Gastronorm Containers for mantain hot in Bain Marie (Steam) the Hot Dogs Precooked and Krauti or other food.


The Fiberglass Workbench , mounted on two wheels, is connected to the seat tube of your bicycle, and you can trail it anywhere. This is in very small size and can be transported in the most distant places, with a small van, and when you will be on the operation area, you will connect it to your bike, to get around the restricted area.  You can use it also like vending Push Cart, for movin it by walking.

This Hot Dog Cart is suitable to be used in private places or parks.


The trailer includes:

  • Bike Trailer XL that you can connect to the saddle tube of any bicycle
  • Fiberglass Workbench's Speedy,  with a work plan of 94 x 73 cm, painted with non-toxic gel coat for food
  • Big Front Door and two side doors with storage compartment.
  • 1 refrigerator Dometic  40 Lt., Trivalent ( 220V, Batteries and Gas Cartridge Disposable) with adjustable temperature up to -35 ° below the ambient temperature. (The regulation of thermostat is manual and not authomatic. )
  • 1 Camping Stove  powered with Gas Disposable Cartridge  which can heat both a  Crepes Plate or  a Gastronorm Bain Marie pot  for Grilling Hot Dog.
  • Chaffing Dish with Alchool Gel Cartdridge with Gastronorm Container for Mantain in Bain Marie the Hot Dog.
  • Hand Washing Sink
  • Big Umbrella in the Color that You prefer

It Comes Assembled and packed on pallets 120 x 120 x h. 150 cm.



  Size  A  
DESTINATION Pallet 120 x 120 x h.150  
Austria-Vienna cap. 10 € 150,00  
Belgio.Bruxelles cap. 10 € 160,00  
Danimarca –Kolding cap. 60 € 175,00  
Finlandia –Helsinki cap. 006 € 200,00  
Francia –Parigi cap.91 € 135,00  
Francia-Lione cap. 69 € 125,00  
Francia –Avignone cap.84 € 125,00  
Germania-Bielefeld cap.33 € 120,00  
Germania-Ludenscheid-cap.58 € 120,00  
Germania-Ausburg-cap. 86 € 110,00  
Germania –Norimberga cap.90 € 110,00  
Olanda-Tilburg cap. 50 € 125,00  
Olanda –Amsterdam cap.10 € 140,00  
Polonia-Varsavia cap. 01 € 150,00  
Polonia-Cracovia cap. 30 € 125,00  
Portogallo-Lisbona cap. 10 € 180,00  
Rep:Ceca –Praga-cap. 10 € 135,00  
Romania-Bucarest cap. 03 € 140,00  
Spagna-Barcellona cap.03 € 115,00  
Spagna –Madrid cap. 28 € 140,00  
Spagna –Irun cap. 20 € 125,00  

Remember  These are ONLY ESTIMATE for  Approximate Information .  For Exact Quotation we need to Know your ZIP CODE and wich Model you are choosing for to Know wich size of  Packaging is your Delivery.

If you have some contact with a Your Forwarder may be  a good Idea if you check the Cost of Shipping with them. May be that from other Country respect from Italy, the cost of shipping can be lower.

In the next Table B, there are APPROXIMATE COSTS OF SHIPMENTS CFR Terminal  in € Euros (CFR is at Terminal of Port or Airport in Custom Office ).

Then You need to Consider an EXTRA for Custom Tax (Ask to Custom Office for Product Class Tricycle) and consider you need to Pick Up the Pallet at Terminal. The cost of transport from the Terminal to Your Home is not included in the calculation, and can be cheaper if you provide to Pick up the pallets at Terminal with a Van or with a Courier.


Philadelphia US   500-700  
Illinois US   500-700  
San Francisco US   570-700  
New York    US   550-600  
Emirates   550  
Malta   370  
Paris     FR   390-450  
Madrid     SP   250-350  
Barcellona   230-330  

In the case of  delivery of an Ice Cream Cart or Street Food Cart , can be a good thing an extra Protection with Wooden Box, but this can have an extra cost of about 250

For orders with a value of more than € 6,000  we can contribute serving 50% of the cost of shipping.

In any case, for to have a exact estimate, we suggest to contact us at +39 345 5055803.


Product Note Status Price
ATTILA 2.0 Work Tricycle Cargo Bike ATTILA 2.0 Work Tricycle Cargo Bike
NORDIK HD Tricycle + Fiberglass Speedy Box NORDIK HD Tricycle + Fiberglass Speedy Box
1,850.00 € *
WAGON BIKE Long Cargo Bike L60 Work Bicycles WAGON BIKE Long Cargo Bike L60 Work Bicycles
from 1,350.00 € *
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