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Electric Kit  for Pedal Assisted with Central motor  BAFANG 1000 W on pedals axis , for tricycles and Cargo bicycles and Cargo Bikes with Heavy Load, until 250/300 Kg, for use it only in Privat Areas

POWERFULL VERSION, of central engine Bafang 8 Fun . The limit of Power admitted in EUrope is  250W. , so this motor, being 1000W,  can be used only in Privat areas.

The power of this motor does not affect the speed, which is in any case limited to about 18Km / h, but  generate less pedaling fatigue with an important load or in the case of climbs.


  It is able to take advantage from  the gear ratio of the gear device, and help the ride even when the tricycle is loading. It's difficul declare How can be the percentage of climbing, because it depend from the Heavy of load.and Set up of Tricycle.

Its most distinctive features are the great silence,
it offers the shot right from the lower speeds, low power consumption and total versatility. It works with 48V with LITHIUM BATTERY 71,5Ah.  The distance that You can cover, depend from the Load, the level of Power Assistance selected, and the Climbing of the road. We can estimate an Authonomy between  15 Km to 20 Km, but it's only an approssimation depending from the Load and climbing

IMPORTANT: There is a Button that activate the motor at 6Km/h Speed, and permit to Push the Vehicle without efforts

The kit includes:


  •      Engine  1000W  48V
  •      LCD display
  •     Sensor for Gear To avoid causing stress to the chain when changing gear
  •      integrated controller
  •      PAS integrated
  •      Cut-off brakes
  •      cranks
  •      crown 46T
  •      paracorona
  •      harness set
  •      waterproof connectors
  •      Lead batteries 48V 15Ah LITHIUM, for authonomy from 10Km to 18 Km.
  •      mounting in our workshop


Rated voltage: (V) 48
Rated power: (W) 750
Maximum speed: (rpm) 70-90
Efficiency Rating: (%)> 80%
Reduction ratio: 1:30
Weight: (kg) <4
Connectors: waterproof
• Color: Black
• Noise: (dB) <55
• Degree waterproof: IP54
Certification: CE ROHS

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