Workbench SPEEDY BOX Fiberglass for StreetFood

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SPEEDY BOX is a Fiberglass Street Food Work Bench designed for Tricycles TUCANO, TITAN 170, TITAN 240, TITAN 300, CYCLOPE A78, ATTILA, ATTILA HEAVY DUTY.. It is still to be prepared from Yourself. The Bench is still to be set up direcly from Yourself. It fits perfectly on the tricycle forms, enabling you to exploit much space that would otherwise be unused. It can be also used as Box for to contain pakages for home delivery. The front door has a Key and the top can be opened thanks to hinges.

  •      Speedy Box ia a Container made in Fiberglass and can be used as Box for many kinds of things. You can use it also for prepare a Street Food Bike. In this case the WorkBench is still to be set up and cut, and you can made it like you want
  •      It has a large front door and the front side, the cover (Table) is painted with gel coat certificated for Food, The work surface and can be removed to facilitate installation operations.
  •      SPEEDY BOX is light but strong, and weighs about 45 kg. and the work surface measuring Long 98 cm x  wide 91 cm, h 83 cm.
  •      The Standard Color is White and the cover is covered with gel coat for Food



The Workbench has these dimension:


The next Photo is an Example about How to prepare a Street Food Cart with this Workbench




  • It is shipped on pallets 150 x 120 Packed And Protected
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