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It has a Workbench made in wood, with a window Showcase , plant for Electricity 220V and Battery, for feed the Fridge / Freezer for many hours, and is possible to prepare it like Itinerant Pastry Shop, but also for Breakfast, Hot Chocolate, Sicilian Cannoli, and so on.

It 'a tricycle with a very functional Workbench that can be used for many ideas related to Street Food Truck, Pastry, Crepes inserting a plate (Optional) or a stove (Optional) or a little Oven We Grill (Optional) which allows you to cook in the oven or to warm sandwiches, wraps and other foods, including meats.


The Street Food Cart that you see in these pictures is just ready for Cooking Hot Sanwich or Hot Wraps. It has a We Grill Oven (Optional) and a Little Stove, that works with a Gas LPG Plant (Optional)

This is a Tricycle for cooking Street Food and it's built with great attention to detail, and with very sophisticated plants ( Electricity and Batteries) and with many interior compartments,  spaces  useful  to find accommodation of various equipment. Every small space has been exploited.


The STREET FOOD  BIKE SWEET BASIC  is composed as follows:


  • Tricycle Mod. CYCLOPE A90  (The most Robust Tricycle of our Range) with muscular Pedals, Front Moto's Wheels, Front Disc Brakes, Brake Levers with Parking Button, Nexus Gear 3V Inter 3 inside the rear Hub
  • Work Bench made in Treaty Wood , with worktop covered in steel. It is  fitted with a front Wooden shelf , which you can close as a drawer. It also has a detachable rear table which serves as a Work Table and that is positioned on the saddle and handlebar, thereby enlarging the space in order to operate. This tricycle, in the Basic version, is fitted with an electric plant and Freezer / Fridge battery powered, but still lacks any other appliances that are still to be added (OPTIONAL), depending on the type of use you want to do with it.


The BASIC VERSION Include in the Price:

  • Electric Plant 220V with Security switch  Differential and Thermal and Declaration of Conformity for UE
  • Batteries (Included) and battery charger and Inverter system for to have 3 Plugs 220 V  1,5 KW for Little Devices . This system allow  to power the refrigerator for about 10/12 hours
  • 1 Fridge / Freezer  WAECO CFX 80 with 80 Liters of Capacity and The temperature is adjustable with Digital Thermostat between -20° C  to +10°C.
  • WAECO_CFX_80
  • Handwashing sink with tap and electric pump and 2 tanks (10 Liters each)  for Waste water Gray and Pure Water.
  • Plexiglass Window on the Customer side with Showcase.
  • Side doors with storage compartments
  • Rear Removable Table like Work Plan between the handlebars to the saddle of the rear bicycle
  •  Big Umbrella
  • Led lighting for illumination of Work Plan in the evening
  • Possibility to be connected to the Plug 220V wor Working and recharge the batteries (for example in the night).


The same Workbench can  be easily configured for different types of Street Food, by purchasing the needed machines to cook what you want. Therefore it can be prepared for:

  • Pastry Shop
  • Chocolate Shop or Breakfast
  • Sicilian Cannoli
  • Sales of Hot Dog
  • As a fruit bar or Macedonie
  • Granite or Scratchy
  • Itinerant Bar
  • Sandwiches or Bruschetta
  • Crepes
  • Sale of ice cream or Yoghurt
  • Food Boiled
  • Fryer (with Little Fryer)

For Change type for sale You just can add some optional components.


  • GAS LPG PLANT with Declaration of Conformity EU, that become necessary for to feed the various machine for cooking
  • WE GRILL Oven-LPG Gas that allows Grilling without smoke, because  cooks Foods with Ceramic  Infrared Burner.
  • Chafing Dish Steamer Bain Marie, working with 2 stove Gel Alchool base, to keep food warm freshly cooked .
  • Generator current silenced 220V  2KW
  • Gas Oven with 3 cookers (Campingaz)
  • Gas Plate  for cooking on Grill.  Available Many other solutions for the Street Food


For Transport and Shipping, we provide to separate the front bench by bike and the components are placed on a pallet of 150 cm x 150 cm. x h. 180 cm  Then everything is packed and protected.

The packaging operations, costs an extra € 130 in addition to the cost of shipping.

IMPORTANT: Transport costs automatically calculated from our website and uploaded to the value of the order, refer to the transport in Italy. There may be costs for some EXTRA District and for foreign countries. For the shipping cost, we have to ask for a quote based on your Zip Code.

If you have ordered this model, Please contact +39 348 3887456 for to Know, based on your zip code, how much are the exact costs of transportation. The Extra Costs can be payed with a  PAY PAL Link addressed to your e-mail. But if  you would like to cancel your order, please contact the same number and you will be made the refund in Short time.

For the cost of shipping, we require a quote based on your post code. For the price of transport please contact +39 345 5055803.



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