About us

Nastrificio Ambrosiano has been founded in 1978 and it started producing decorative ribbons.

Besides the ribbons manifacture (which still remains the main activity), it has specialized in the wedding and confectionery fields by importing doilies, small fabric bags, boxes for candies and sugar almonds, artificial flowers and tulles.

We especially sell to confectioner’s, florists, shops and wholesalers who use these kinds of items.

According to our statute, Nastrificio Ambrosiano can sell to:

  • Private individuals (online purchases only). Private individuals cannot buy our products at our office, but can only collect the goods they have bought online previously.

  • Retailers (meaning subjects who ply a trade, practice a profession and have got a VAT number).

  • Wholesalers / Industries

If any wholesaler or industry is interested in our products, they can directly contact us in order to consider their requests and offer our best quotations.

The minimum order is €. 100,00 + VAT. For any further information see Terms and Conditions.



Our items are mainly used for packaging (ceremony, gift wrapping and decoration), meaning that they are disposable.

Our ribbons are not suitable for clothes because colours are not fixed by heat and they cannot be washed.