NanoVIP CUBE PLUS KIT with 3 NanoFlex clamps 400mm 3kA

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NanoVIP® CUBE+™ adds to the powerful NanoVIP® CUBE™ features set, the NanoVIP® MRH™ tecnology that allows it to operate also as an electrical client of an MRH™ measuring network.

In comparison to the NanoVIP® DE™ devices, NanoVIP® CUBE+™ can also operate as a standalone CUBE™ analyzer offering a huge flexibility to the user.

The NanoVIP® CUBE+™ is a powerfull and versatile analyzer due to the implementation of MRH technology that allows it to participate to an MRH™ measuring network. With NanoVIP CUBE+™ brings you get more than one standalone powerful analyzer as it can work also as a measuring client of a  NanoVIP® QUADRA™ master set.

It is a compact and light analyzer aimed at both those who want to work on their equipment than with industry professionals who need detailed and accurate analysis of power quality; NanoVIP® CUBE+™ allows in an easy and intuitive way:

  • participate to an MRH™ measuring network
  • to control the loads, consumption and the associated network costs
  • check in service the correct dimensioning of plants
  • to prevent the risk for overheating and insulation failures due to high harmonic content
  • correct the power factor correction problems
  • Identify and eliminate load peaks and exceed power in order also to reduce the bargaining power commitment
  • check and evaluate the returns of UPS, AC / DC measurements
  • Measure signals for non-symmetric PWM control of inverter
  • Identify the presence of harmonics, outages, overloads or potentially harmful voltage dips for machinery and equipment
  • Intercept fluctuations and rapid changes in current and voltage signals
  • Measure the inrush currents of motors and electrical machinery


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