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Polar Star has a powerful engine of analysis and calculation that allows a wide range of sizes and capabilities:
or standard measures also according to IEC 61000-4-30 of V, I, P, Q, A, F, PF, THD%, instantaneous values / min / max / avg, absorbed and products, energy meters (kWh, KVA , kVAr) absorbed and generated;
- Harmonic analysis of 7 channels (3 voltages and 4 currents) up to the 31st order, with its graphical and numeric display;
- Extent of outages and network brownouts;
- Extent of the DIP (voltage drops);
- Extent of SWELL (Surge);
- Graphical display of TREND (trends over time) of 6 selectable sizes;
- Measuring energy in 4 time periods (tariffs) set;
- Automatic connection test to determine if the connections of the voltages and currents are correct;
- Customization of the user display, which can independently choose which values to keep under control


Internal dimensions 96x96x58 mm or 96x96x96 mm (with option modules)
Overall dimensions 96x105x40 mm or 96x105x77 mm (with option modules)
Safety 600V CAT III
IP protection degree IP65 front, IP30 inside panel
Weight 320g + 35g per option
Display LCD dot matrix with white backlight
Languages English- Spanish - Italian - German - French
Electrical connection Screw terminals
Communication 485 (option)
Working temperature from -10 to +55 °C
Umidity Max 95%
AC Power supply 90-230V ±10% 50-60Hz 8VA
DC Power supply 90-300V ±10% 8W, 12-24V ±10% (option), 48-60V ±10% (option)
Consumption 5VA
Wires section 2,5mm


Sistemi monofase/bifase -
Sistemi trifase 4 fili, equilibrati e non -
Sistemi trifase 3 fili, equilibrati e non -
Canali 3 canali + neutro in comune
Misure dirette Fase-Fase 17-700VAC 40-70Hz, Fase-Neutro 10-400VAC 40-70Hz
Misure atraverso VT Rapporto 1-60000, massimo valore visualizzato 20MV
Carico permanente 800VAC
Sensibilità 10V Fase-Neutro, 17 Fase-Fase
Sezione cavi 2,5mm2
Canali 4 canali indipendenti con resistenza (BASE) 4 canali indipendenti con TA interno 5A (TOP)
Consumo < 1VA (BASE) < 0.5VA (TOP)
Scale 2 (BASE), 3 (TOP)
Misure dirette non disponibile (BASE), 5A (TOP)
Massima corrente misurabile 8A
Misure attraverso TA Rapporto 1:60000, massimo valore visualizzato 500kA
Sovraccarico permanente 10A
Sovraccarico transitorio 50A 1 sec
Sensibilità 10mA
Sezione cavi 2,5 mm2
Per fase < 999 GW,Gvar,GVA
Complessiva < 999 GW,Gvar,GVA
CORRENTE (TRMS) 5 ingressi indipendenti
POTENZE Attiva, reattiva e apparente. Singola fase e totale
Grandezze misurate kWh, kvarh, kVAh
Tensioni ±0.25% + 0.05%FS
Correnti ±0.25% + 0.05%FS
Potenze ±0.5% + 0.05%FS
Fattore di potenza ±0.5°
Frequenza ±0.01 Hz (40-70Hz)
Energia attiva Class 0.5
Energia reattiva Class 1
ANALISI EN50160 (solo TOP)  
Interruzioni >500mS
Cadute di tensione >500mS
Sovraccarichi >500mS


CE conformity 93/68/CEE (Electrical materials in LV); 89/336/CEE e 2004/108/CE (EMC) 2006/95/CE - 72/23/CEE (LVD); 2002/95/CE (RoHS - Dangerous materials); 2002/96/CE e 2003/108/CE (WEEE/RAEE)
Safety EN 61010-1
EMC EN 61326 EN 61326/A1 EN 61326/A2 EN 61326/A3
Temperature IEC 60068-2-1 (Working) IEC 60068-2-2 (Storage)
Vibrations IEC 60068-2-6
Umidity IEC 60068-2-30
Overload IEC 60947-1
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